Complementary Healing Arts is an Integrative Medicine Clinic started by medical doctor Francesco Anello in 1995. The clinic grew, with consultant naturopathic doctor Michael Reid, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner/Acupuncturist Alex Audette and consultant psychotherapist Dr. Kristen Trotter, to offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches including orthomolecular medicine, chelation therapy, integrative psychotherapy as well as allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine and acupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine, ever respectful of the unique nature of the individual.

As of 2017, Dr. Anello will no longer be able to offer Family Practice services. The Anello Practice will no longer be a Primary Care Medical Facility. Consultations in Integrative Medicine will continue to be available. Everyone consulting with Dr. Francesco Anello are required to have a family physician or specialist physician providing concurrent care.  PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES, CONSULTATIONS WITH DR. ANELLO ARE SEVERELY CONSTRAINED.

Dr. Michael Reid ND is currently available for consultations at Health Source in Kitchener at 519 954 7950.

We regret the untimely passing of Dr. Kristin Trotter who is missed by her colleagues, friends and clients.