Nuhn Manure Tank

Magnum Series

The Magnum Series is composed of simple, rugged, and reliable manure non-steering tanks. They are considered the workhorse of the manure industry. These tanks have fewer moving parts, which results in less maintenance.

Electra-Steer Series

The Electra-Steer Series are electronic steering tanks with precise and safe steering with less soil disturbance. The tank's steer angle is automatically restricted with higher speeds.

Nuhn Manure Pumps

The most efficient and durable patented pump design on the market. The triple port housings move manure faster with less horsepower and fuel. The White Iron Housing is durable to sand and harsh lagoon environments.

Header Series
  • PTO Driven Manure Pumps
  • Hydraulic Driven Manure Pumps
  • Electric Driven Manure Pumps - Vertical Electric Pumps, Floating Electric Pumps

Nuhn Alley Vac

Self-Propelled Alley Vac

The Nuhn Self-Propelled Alley Vac provides quick and easy cleanup. After one pass down the aisle, everything is collected.

Pull-Type Alley Vac

The Nuhn Pull-Type Alley Vac makes cleanup quick and easy. With one pass down the aisle, everything is collected.

Nuhn Lagoon Crawler

The Lagoon Crawler is the best machine to mix your lagoon or pit efficiently. The Lagoon Crawler is the world’s first amphibious remote-controlled agitation boat, designed to agitate lagoons. The 2020 Crawler is tougher, meaner, and more powerful than other models on the market.

  • 4' Ground Clearance - The wheels drop down to give the vehicle a 4' off-ground clearance. This feature is remote-controlled. .
  • Agitation Boat - Provides the ability to drive into the lagoon to turn into an agitation boat. As an agitation boat, it is able to climb and agitate through thick lagoons.
  • Tri Port Header - Pumps 12,000 GPM. Volumes are used to steer the Crawler through the lagoon.
  • No Priming System- No priming required. The pump is submerged, which allows it to pump the heaviest solids.

Nuhn Injection Equipment

Nuhn’s has produced a wide selection of leading-edge injection technology for high yield increases, odor reduction, and surface and sub-surface pollution.

  • Row Crop Features - Ensures a better use of nitrogen and reduced movement of ammonium, phosphate, pathogens, and other contaminants to surface water via tile drains. It contains reduced compaction as a result of drier soil.
  • High-Speed Rotary Injector Features - Its simple and low maintenance design eliminates extra moving parts, wear bushings, and additional grease points.
  • Spike Injector Features - Used primarily on No-Till and grass applications.
  • S-Tine Injector Features - Staggered vibra shank injector tooth for efficient blending and manure distribution in the soil.
  • Tapered Disc Features - Works in a range of applications. It will not plug in corn stocks.

Nuhn Vacuum Pumps

Magnum 400

The Magnum 400 is the most revolutionary rotary vane vacuum pump from Nuhn Industries Ltd. The magnum series is a line of vacuum pumps that incorporates incredible dependable performance to produce an unprecedented amount of air evacuation.

  • Oil Injection Pump - Delivers oil with no adjustment required.
  • Flush Port
  • Dual Internal Ports - Unrestricted high airflow for better performance at cooler temperatures.
  • 1-1/2 Gallon Oil Tank

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