Poetry 2


the year the state silenced the praising of God

churches sat empty

the temples of commodities were crammed to overflowing

while the pews turned cold

and many they were, the eyes that closed, unseeing in the darkness of fear

many also, were the prophets who rang the bells

Fear not, fear not, fear not

for plagues are not scouring the land

but fear is being sowed by the reaper bearing gifts

of chaos, destruction and dread and so,


don’t take em,

the gifts are halting the praising of God, don’t you see

fear feeds on fear

but, Praising lifts up the love that it sees.

Fear not

Fear naught.




Your Helper stands by the side of the busy road

‘Be passersby’ He said long ago

to the ones that measure God in the brain

this high, this low, just so

He smiles and says

‘Not so’, to the ones that treasure man by his means

and not simply for the light in her Soul

for, He also said

‘A grapevine has been planted outside of the Father,

but since it is not strong, it will be pulled up by its roots

and shall pass away’

Fear not.